Mikiya Awakusu (I guess) and Aozaki.
Playing around with different styles now I see.
More like a sketch than art but okay.

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What am I even doing hahaha… I really am dissatisfied with my colouring/ shading skills. I have to work on that. He doesn’t look that insane either hahaha…
But I do so like Ran Izumii. A lot. Why? No idea. 
I guess full view would be best. 
Inspiration: Dead Bite by Hollywood Undead
People say I’m insane and to put the brakes on itLet me buy you a drink, how ‘bout a roofy, gin and tonic?
This is what I imagine Eijirou Sharaku would look like. A quick sketch.
A wip. 


i’m not stressed i just want to set things on fire a lot


i love rereading or rewetching the beginning of drrr!! when mikado, masaomi, and anri were great friends and blissfully ignorant to the predicament that they were about to face and just having the knowledge that their lives are about to change completely and fall apart

i love durarara!! and narita for being able to subtly capture these emotions and evolutions within people

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